Genealogical Research in South America

Welcome to my South American research Page. I have been researching a collateral ancestor and his activities for some years now in Uruguay and Argentina. So far I have found little on the Internet to help me directly either in my search or that brings together people with genealogical research interests in South America -- so I am starting this page as a first attempt to rectify this situation.

My aims are:

  • To bring together researchers with an interest in the British settlement of the South American sub-continent.

  • To create a list of useful research orientated WWW links for the said research.
  • To create a list of reference material for research in this area of the world.

The following pages indicate my first thoughts on the subject and I should welcome any submissions from other researchers to make these pages a useful WWW resource. Please also feel welcome to make suggestions regarding layout, content, objectives etc.

 South American Discussion List

Purpose: To exchange information on emigration from the UK to South America during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

To subscribe, send an e-mail to:

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and you will receive a welcome message detailing how to contribute to the discussion list.
I look forward to seeing you there.

Miscellaneous Data

English Death Roll from The Yellow Fever Outbreak in Buenos Aires 1871

Emigrants on the ship Symmetry, Leith-Buenos Aires 1825

Latin American Research

Parish Registers from Salto, Uruguay

Parish Registers from Rosario, Argentina.

19th & 20th Century Families and people in Argentina

Research Links